08 June 2007

Archive: Cheese and Brownies

Last night around 11 o'clock, I found myself filling up tiny plates of cheese and brownies because the unappreciative guests at our opening night reception hadn't seen fit to fatten themselves with enough of our spread. Why cheese and brownies, you ask, and not cheese and crackers? I haven't the faintest fucking clue. Who does that? Who says "Hey, you know what'll go great on hunks of Gouda? Brownie wedges!" Apparently, our caterers think like that. "Oh, and hey, throw, like, four strawberries in there too."

Next question: Given the presence of an abundance of delicious cheese and brownies what kind of person, in good conscience, turns down free plates of cheese and brownies? My guess is, it's the kind of person who also drives past a "Free Kittens" sign and doesn't sigh with sadness because they can't take them all home. That or someone who is both diabetic and lactose intolerant. In either case, whatever else may be said about such a person, this is not someone I'd be comfortable voting for. A cheese and brownie hating person could not fairly represent a cheese and brownie loving constituency. I'm sorry Amy Kaechele, I could not in good conscience vote for you now (though I thought your hair looked fetching last night). And you know who else couldn't vote of you if they knew about your cheese and brownie bashing? The state of Wisconsin, that's who. Or fat people. I'm sorry, it had to be said.

If that hurts, well, all I can say is maybe you need to rethink your cheese and brownies platform.

That is all.

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